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29 Interesting Things To Do In Fort Collins (Colorado)

Fort Collins, named after its previous commander William Collins, is one of the impeccable cities that inspired the design of the numerous “Disneyland” themed parks established by Walt Disney’s company globally.

In 1864, Fort Collins served as a military outpost of the USA army before finally becoming a settlement for residents.

Majestically seated on the Cache la Poudre river along the Colorado front range, the city ranks the fourth most populous city in Colorado, with a population of 169,810.

Not only will this city expose you to art and culture, but it will also give you access to a whole lot of adventure.

The region is an abode to beautiful attractions such as HouseTooth reservoir, Fort Collins Museum, Lory State Park, Gardens on Springs, and so much more.

If there is something you can’t wait to try out, Fort Collins is just the place.

So let’s check out the fun things at Fort Collins, Colorado.

Best Things to do in Fort Collins

1. HouseTooth Mountain

HorseTooth Reservoir

Brian Douglas / Flickr

Popularly known as Horsetooth, this large reservoir is fifteen minutes away from downtown Fort Collins.

Built-in 1949 by the Bureau of Reclamation, this attraction is named after HouseTooth Mountain.

Interestingly, the reservoir structure consists of homoclinic ridges, and each spine comprises Dakota sandstone.

On the uphill to the West stands two ridges topped by sandstone composed of Lyons and Ingleside formations.

This beautiful attraction features campgrounds, beautiful trails, lakes, and a barbeque spot.

Moreover, this is a fantastic place to watch the sun, motorbike along the hilly terrain, hike the trail, have an ice bath, or catch fish with your buddies.

You can cruise on your boat or rent one at the reservoir.

Have fun with your family as you enjoy a round of barbequed meat or storm watch with your buddies.

Nevertheless, ToothHorse Reservoir has a lot to offer anyone who stops by.

Address: Horsetooth Reservoir, Colorado, USA

2. Fort Collins Museum Of Discovery

Fort Collins Museum Of Discovery

City Of Fort Collins/ Flickr

Ever wanted to visit an art museum for all ages?

Look no further because the Fort Collins Museum of Discovery is ageless.

This attraction gives you an exciting merge of history and science.

Notably, its establishment in 2008 was through a partnership between Fort Collins and a non-profit discovery science center.

However, this excellent destination features taxidermy animals, live bees, hands-on musical instruments, interactive rooms, puzzles and games, a dress-up area, and a photography exhibit.

A one-hour tour around the museum will expose you to the water feature, train table, science exhibits, and historical displays.

You can try your hands on musical instruments, which also come with tutorials.

Scan through the photography exhibit.

And if you are curious about art, there is an explanatory video made by the artist.

Need more fun spots at the museum?

Then waltz your kids to the gift shop where they can play educational games or take them down to the dome theater.

If you want a break, you can head to the rooftop and enjoy its gorgeous view.

Ultimately, this destination is a hotspot for relaxation and entertainment.

Address: 408 Mason Ct, Fort Collins, CO 80524, USA

3. Lory State Park

Lory State Museum

The Lory State Museum

Lory State Park sits on the western part of HouseTooth reservoir and the Northside of HouseTooth mountain park.

This attraction houses its bike park, which features dirt jumping, a pump track, and a skills area.

There are also wildflowers, birds, and twenty-six miles of trails where you can ride a bike, run, walk and enjoy the scenery.

Furthermore, you can feed your eyes with the fantastic view of the park or go for a horseback ride.

So if you want to journey into the mountains and have a taste of adventure, this park is your sure bet.

Address:  708 Lodgepole Dr, Bellvue, CO 80512, United States

4. Gardens on Spring Creek

Garden On Spring Creek

The Garden On Spring Creek

Since its establishment in 2004, the Garden On Spring Creek has been owned and managed by Fort Collins, Colorado.

Significantly, the garden is seated on the spring Creek corridor in Fort Collins, Colorado.

This 18-acre garden is home to various flowers, butterflies, rock gardens, fruits, vegetables, and sculptures.

The garden also features walking paths, a gift shop, picnic tables, and a water area.

Nature and plant lovers can have a swell time checking out the well-labeled and laid-out flower garden.

You can get busy exploring a park of interest with various theme gardens.

Take a walk through the paths and enjoy the sight of the sculptures.

Likewise, you can also share a delicious meal with your family at the picnic table.

In an attraction that offers many activities like the garden of spring creek, you will never run out of things to do.

 Address: 2145 Centre Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80526, United States

5. Boyd Lake State Park

Boyd Lake park

The Boyd Lake Park

Approximately 1700 acres, Boyd Lake State Park sits north of Loveland.

This state-of-the-art recreation area hosts annual derbies, education, and volunteer projects.

Notably, this park features various activities, such as fishing, picnicking, swimming, hiking, and hunting.

So what does this park have in store for you?

You will soon find out.

If you want a quiet time to refresh, head to the sand beach and dig your legs into the clean sand.

There is also an excellent spot to camp, play games, escape, and get a lot in a world of relaxation.

Additionally, this attraction has picnic tables, a snack stand, a horseshoe pit, and trails to enjoy quiet walks.

So what are you waiting for?

Include Boyd lake park in your list of places to visit in Boyd Lake State Park.

Address: 3720 N County Rd 11c, Loveland, CO 80538, United States

6. Downtown Fort Collins

Downtown Fort

Downtown Fort

What better way to have a splendid day than in the heart of the community, Downtown Fort Collins?

Renowned for being highly accessible with various transportation options, this attraction prides itself on historic street car services.

A stroll through Downtown Fort Collins will bring out your inner artistic nature.

With the view of a gorgeous Townsquare, beautiful sculptures, and picturesque scenery, this attraction will surely leave you hypnotized.

Hold on to your purses and wallets, too, because you will need to shop, drink or eat from the various boutiques, bars and restaurants.

You can also chill out in the uplifting atmosphere, find live concerts, and hang out with friends.

Best of all, you can bring your pets along so that everyone can enjoy the fun.

This hotspot is a must-see when you get to Fort Collins.

Address: 19 Old Town Square Suite #230, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States

7. Swetsville Zoo, Fort Collins

Swetville zoo

Spider Art

Owned by a former farmer, Bill Swets, this unique zoo has no living creatures.

Instead, animals in this zoo are sculpted from car parts, farm machinery, and scrap metal.

This beautiful attraction lies along the river and is accessible to the public.

It is also a great place to have a picnic, explore exciting art, and appreciate nature.

Likewise, you can also check out the musical themed down the river, take a stroll through the trail and meditate.

Nevertheless, this zoo is an excellent place to see creative pieces in a gorgeous setting.

Address: 4801 E Harmony Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80528, United States

8. Spring Canyon Park

 Spring Canyon Park

Spring Cannon Park

Another great park to look out for in Fort Collins is Spring Canyon Park.

Since its establishment in 2007, this 100-acre community park sits behind Pine ridge on the west side of Fort Collins.

With ample space for parking, this attraction features beautiful landscapes, a splash pool, pickleball courts, and tennis courts.

There are also rocks to climb, tunnels, swings, a barbeque area, a skate park, disc golf, and a soccer field.

Moreover, this attraction offers something for everyone, including your furry friend.

With that in mind, the park has a dog playground that provides a lot of room for your pets to burn some heat.

Lastly, this park should be on your list of places to visit when you come to Fort Collins.

Address: 3156 S Overland Trail, Fort Collins, CO 80526, United States

You can also explore other cities in Colorado, like Pueblo, Telluride, Grand Junction, and Breckenridge!

9. Fort Fun

Fort Fun

Fort Fun

Take a break from the stress and unleash the inner child in you once you step into Fort Fun.

This amusement park has fantastic features such as lakes, go-karts, a giant slide, laser tag, bumper cars, arcades, panic rooms, and many more.

And, of course, this attraction also offers the best food.

With a full restaurant-style menu and dining area to go, be reassured that these services will nicely take care of your appetite in this beautiful attraction.

Address:1513 E Mulberry St, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States

10. Bobcat Ridge Natural Area


Bobcat Trails

A worthy alternative to Horsetooth mountain, Bobcat Ridge Natural Area, is a lovely area for a brief walk, hike, run, and picnic.

Incredibly rich in history, this destination is great for family hikes, horseback, and bike rides.

Moreover, you can take the fantastic trail that leads to the cabin and experience the thrill of exploring it.

One fantastic thing about this attraction is the nostalgic feeling it leaves you with once you venture into the restored building.

This building exposes you to the life of the previous land residents.

The trails are also suitable for children so that everyone can partake in the hike.

Remember to take your camera along because you don’t want to miss this attraction’s beautiful view.

Address:10184 Co Rd 32C, Loveland, CO 80538, United States

11. CSU Annual Flower Trial Garden

CSU Annual Flower Garden

Weber_sd / Flickr

Are you looking for inspiration for your garden?

There is no need to worry because CSU Annual Flower Trial Garden will leave you burning with ideas for your garden.

This gorgeous garden is home to over 1400 flowers and has a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

There is no doubt that flower enthusiasts will have a great time scanning through the well-maintained garden.

There is also an open space.

So take a quiet walk, feed your eyes with the murals on the wall, and pose for awesome pictures.

And just so you know, if you want to experience a mix of plants and art.

Then a stop at this garden will surely give you that.

Address:1401 Remington St, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States

12. Arapaho And Roosevelt National Forest

Arapaho And Roosevelt National Forest

Arapaho And Roosevelt National Forest

Since its establishment in 1908, the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forest has protected all birds and mammals in the area.

This destination is excellent for camping, hikes, and bike rides with a gorgeous view.

There are also features like a drive-in, trails, and a nice view of the mountains.

Additionally, there is an incredibly scenic drive up to the summit lake, where you can enjoy the glorious view.

So pack your bags and head on to this beautiful destination.

Address: Denver, CO 80526, United States

13. Avenir Museum Of Design And Merchandising

Avenir Museum Of Design And Merchandising

Avenir Museum Of Design And Merchandising

Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising is the Colorado state university’s historic apparel and textile collection.

This unique museum houses dresses and textiles that inspire curiosity and connection globally.

Of note, the museum exhibits beautiful clothing and simple visual art.

So if you are a fashionista, this museum is just your place.

You can go on a self-tour or take sneak peeks at your next dose of inspiration.

Or better still, have the time of your life taking beautiful pictures of the textile collections while mingling with people of like minds.

Whatever option you choose, this honeypot attraction holds all the fun.

Address: University Center for the Arts-East Building, 216 E Lake St, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States

14. Lee Martinez Community Park

Things To Do In Fort Collins

Lee Martinez Community Park

Spend time away from the traffic and in the abyss of nature in Lee Martinez Community Park.

This hidden gem has fantastic features like a mini zoo for children, fields, the Poudre river trail, and bike trails.

However, this immaculate attraction is an excellent place to exercise, ride a horse, or picnic with your friends.

To harness this attraction to the fullest, find a cozy spot to meditate and relax.

Not only that!

You can go for a kayak tour, play a round of tennis on the court, or grill a chicken.

You can also take refreshing walks along the paved path or enjoy a game of softball on the field.

And if you require anything, you can beckon the park’s friendly staff to help you out.

Address: 600 N Sherwood St, Fort Collins, CO 80521, United States

15. Fort Collins Colorado Temple

Fort Collins Colorado Temple

The Temple

After all the fun and excitement, it’s a good idea to spend time in the confines of a sanctuary.

Fort Collins, Colorado Temple is a great place to feel closer to God and renew your covenant.

This destination offers a serene environment for fellowship with God.

With a beautiful area with spectacular grounds, you get to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and listen to messages that will inspire you.

Moreover, there is also a garden where you can explore and take beautiful pictures.

To crown it all, you should check out the bride’s dressing room, which has a chandelier that lights up the room.

So visit this beautiful temple once you get to Fort Collins.

Address: 2180 Majestic Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80528, United States

16. Watson Lake

Waston Lake

Waston Lake

For a brief walk in an environment that gives you a rural feel, especially in cool weather, Watson Lake is just the right place.

This attraction is fifteen minutes from Old Town Fort Collins and sits between Poudre and Watson Rivers.

Although swimming and kayaking are prohibited on the lake, you can still partake in other fun activities.

So you might be thinking about what fun things you can do here.

Well, you can do a whole lot!

This attraction is a hotspot for anglers to get busy and have a swell of time by the lake.

For non-anglers, you can bird watch, have a picnic, read a book, kick back, and relax.

So make that quick escape today and journey to Watson Lake, Fort Collins.

Address: Watson Lake, Colorado, USA

17. Lion’s Open Space

 Lion's Open Space

Top View of Lion’s Open Space

Lion’s Open Space is a great natural area with several exciting activities you can indulge in.

This natural tourist attraction is a short drive from north Fort Collins and has access to free parking.

Furthermore, this resort features ample parking, wheelchair accessibility, grills, a picnic area, bike baths, a pump, and lakes.

There are lots of foliage and tree coverage on the Northside of the park.

Furthermore, there is also a paved path for bike rides and dog walks, sheltered sites to birdwatch, and a beautiful landscape to see.

So come along with your swimsuit and dive into the refreshing lake in Lion’s Open Space.

Address: 2425 N Overland Trail, Laporte, CO 80535, United States

18. Soderberg Trailhead

Things To Do In Fort Collins

The trails on Soderberg Trailhead

This 2838-acre attraction is a double-track trail situated near Fort Collins, Colorado.

Not only does this attraction have a beautiful landscape, but it also features trails, cliffs, hills, and lakes.

The trails in this resort are easy to hike as they come with levels of expertise.

You can also gallop on your horse around the trails that connect or cool down at the lake.

Additionally, this beautiful resort has facilities that will make visits conducive, such as a pay station, boot brush, vault toilets, and ample parking space.

The trails are dog friendly so you can bring your furry friends along.

With your friends and pets, you can walk through different paths, stay in the valley for early rolling hills, or, better still, climb up the mountain.

You can also ride a horse, enjoying the serene and beautiful atmosphere.

Be rest assured that in Soderberg Trailhead, you will be chilling next to this resort’s reservoir.

Address:3909 Shoreline Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80526, United States

If you are still looking for cool places in Colorado? Make sure you visit Vail, Glenwood Springs, Durango, Thornton, and Canon City!

19. North Shields Ponds

 North Shield Ponds

City of Fort Collins, CO/ Flickr

Finally, an attraction for Anglers, Equestrians, and hikers is within reach right in North Shields Ponds.

Home to birds like red-winged blackbirds, great blue herons, snow geese, and American wigeons, this attraction offers visitors a rural feel.

However, this results from the surrounding farms, barns, and horses.

Nevertheless, different species of fish down the lake will indeed prick the interest of Anglers.

Species like black bullhead, channel catfish, bluegill, hybrid sunfishes, largemouth bass, and black crappie can be seen in the pond.

The trails are easy to navigate with a cane, and you can pretty much enjoy the sight of the beautiful landscape while at it.

This attraction also has fantastic features, such as a picnic shelter with tables, some benches, and educational signs to guide you along the way.

Indeed, there is no better way to enjoy your vacation in Fort Collins than in this luxurious natural resort.

So make sure you visit this hidden gem.

Address: 1333 N Shields St, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States

20. Prospect Ponds Natural Area

 Prospect Ponds Natural Area.

Prospect Ponds Natural Area.

Co-managed by Fort Collins utilities, the natural areas for flood control, water quality improvement, and wildlife habitat, Prospect Ponds Natural Area is an attraction you will want to see.

Home to over 100 species of birds, this attraction features a beautiful area, walking trails, and lakes.

Furthermore, you can have fun indulging in various activities, such as kayak rides, fishing, runs, and walks.

A great place to sightsee and take lovely pictures, this attraction is within city limits and is a perfect stop for lunch breaks.

Notably, these excellent resource trails are never crowded and are dog friendly, but make sure they stay on a leash.

You can also play some pond hockey during winter and venture through the trails to see farm animals during summer.

Prospect Ponds Natural Area is perfect for every season.

Address: 2025 Sharp Point Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80525, United States

21. Running Deer Natural Area

Things To Do In Fort Collins

The Deer Shelter in Running Deer Natural Area

Unlike the name, the Running Deer Area is a resort for premium relaxation.

A short distance from downtown Fort Collins, the resort is approximately 30 minutes from Loveland, Colorado.

Although bicycles and pets are not allowed in the area, there are still several ponds and trails to keep you busy.

Firstly, you can wear your hiking boots and journey through the trails.

Then with your binoculars, you can indulge in birdwatching and take beautiful pictures.

Lastly, you can visit the well-preserved white pine fire tower lookout to learn about the area’s history and take beautiful pictures.

Hopefully, this attraction should be on your list of places to visit in Fort Collins.

Address: 3745 E Prospect Rd, Fort Collins, CO 80525, United States

22. Sugar Beet Park, Fort Collins

 Sugar Beet Park

City of Fort Collins, CO/ Flickr

Sugar Beet Park sits on the southwest corner of East vine drive and 9th street.

With a great view of the mountain, this attraction incorporates the region’s history.

In accordance with this, there is always something to learn when you visit the park.

The park features a rollercoaster swing, a fantastic view of the mountains, and small equipment for kids.

In this fun-filled park, there are varieties of activities to indulge in, like picnicking, plenty of climbing, basketball, and many more.

You can also walk through the path to a sculpture adorned with native flowers dedicated to the sugar beet workers.

This beautiful park is an excellent place to spend time with your family and friends.

Address: 607 9th St, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States

23. Devil’s Backbone Trail Head

Devil's Backbone Trail Head

Devil’s Backbone Trail Head

Devil’s Backbone Trail Head has 17.25 miles of trail that link to Rimrock opens space and Horse Tooth mountain.

Endowed with excellent trails suitable for leisure hikes, this attraction has a beautiful landscape with gorgeous views.

These trails are also suitable for dirt and mountain bike rides.

Moreover, the view from the keyhole is breathtaking, which is also a plus when you want to take photos.

So come over to Fort Collins and experience the wonders of the Devil’s Backbone Trailhead.

Address: Devils Backbone Trail, Colorado 80538, USA

24. Rolland Moore Park

 Rolland Moore Park

Top View Of Rolland Moore Park

Another great park you have to consider visiting is Rolland Moore Park.

This attraction is a great place to spend the summer afternoon or, better still, the evening playing games under the light.

This park features plenty of parking space, green space, four softball fields, eight basketball courts, and pickleball courts.

There are also BBQ areas, racquetball courts, trails, and ponds for fishing.

Additionally, this resort has restrooms that are clean and accessible to all.

You can do a lot of activities in this attraction, like fishing, jogging, playing a sport, or just chilling with your family.

Ultimately, this park offers you a lot you can’t afford to miss.

Address: 2201 S Shields St, Fort Collins, CO 80526, United States

25. Mcmurry Natural Area

Things To Do In Fort Collins

Mcmurry Natural Area

Mcmurry Natural Area is the actual definition of fun and excitement.

With unique features like a walking path, pavilions, barbeque grills, hike trails, bridges, and wildlife, a tour around this attraction is one to look forward to.

You can decide to meditate or walk the trail, have a picnic or ride a bike.

Also, you may just want to jog around a bit, laugh with your friends over a meal of grilled chicken or just take a quiet walk with your dog.

Whichever outdoor activity you want to indulge in, this park has got you covered.

Address: Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States

26. Edora Park

 Edora Park

Edora Park

Are you looking for the best disc golf courses in Fort collins? Then a visit to Edora park will do justice to that.

This beautiful park features landscapes, plants, flowers, Frisbee golf, shelters, a skate park, a playground, and a disc golf course.

Furthermore, this park is an excellent launching area for bike trails.

To enjoy this park to the fullest, you can come along with your skateboard and try out new stunts.

Likewise, you can bring your camera along to take photos of trees, and if you are hungry, you can head over to the snack stand to refill.

You can also engage in other sports like hiking, jogging, or running.

Or, if you prefer a more subtle activity, you can birdwatch, read a book, or paint.

Ultimately, If you want to visit a fantastic place in Fort Collin, this attraction is your best match.

Address: 1420 E Stuart St, Fort Collins, CO 80525, United States

27. The Avery House, Fort Collins

Things To Do In Fort Collins

The Avery House

If you want a first-hand experience of the history of Fort Collins, then the Avery House should be your next stop.

Built in 1879, this historical attraction is listed on the national register of historic places.

Notably, this house and its stable houses are renowned for being one of the city’s best remaining examples of beautiful constructions during the early Victorian days.

This attraction is a custodian of the region’s history and is also a stunning house.

To get absorbed into the life of the elite in that era, you can take a tour around the house.

Firstly, you can see the kitchen, one of the most exciting parts of the house.

And if you are a music lover, you can check out the music room.

If you also feel lost or need more information, you can beckon to the docents who are passionate and knowledgeable about the history of the place.

Fully kitted in Victorian costume, these docents will take you on a tour around the house to educate you on any piece in the home.

Likewise, you can ask questions about any piece that looks peculiar to you, and be assured that the kind hosts will provide detailed explanations.

So take out time and visit one of the most exciting portions of the city’s past.

Address: 328 W Mountain Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80521, United States

28. The Fort Collins Municipal Railway

The Fort Collins Municipal Railway

Chris May / Flickr

What is a vacation without a ride back in time?

An attraction to reckon with, Fort Collins Municipal Railway operated street cars in Fort Collins from 1919 to 1951.

Presently, this attraction is run by volunteers in a miniature building with a ton of parking space, public bathrooms, picnic tables, and a lake within reach.

The best feature is the trip on the old trolley system.

This trolley system takes you down memory lane and offers an informative and fun experience.

You can go for a 30 minutes ride which includes an ice cream discount at Kirwin’s, and a trip downtown, where you can hop out to have a meal and then head back to the station.

You can also rent the trolley for parties, engagements, and weddings.

Nevertheless, you should visit this attraction when you get to Fort Collins.

Address: 1501 W Oak St, Fort Collins, CO 80521, United States

29. Fort Collins Museum Of Art.

 Fort Collins Museum Of Art.

Fort Collins Museum Of Art.

To sum up your tour around the city, a visit to Fort Collins Museum will be the cherry on top of the ice cream.

This sensational attraction houses various themed-centered artwork from all over the region.

With a host of events to choose from, this beautiful museum is heaven for art lovers.

This beautiful museum has the works of artists like Picasso and Dali on exhibit

With various rotating exhibits, you can feed your eyes with the thought-provoking works of local as well as global artists.

If you also want to explore the art for free, you should therefore consider paying a visit during the artwork night.

Interestingly, you can also play your songs to a live audience on the evening of music hosted by the museum.

Children are not left out because there is a hand in the room just for children where they can make their own art.

Furthermore, there is also a wonderful workshop for adults and the family as a whole.

Ultimately, the staff and kind and incredibly helpful, so you can always count on them to offer you superb services.

To end the day on a high note, you can stop by the gift shop to purchase awesome treats for everyone.

Address: 201 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States

It’s Time To Head Out To Fort Collins.

When it comes to excitement and adventure, this city serves it hot.

With parks, resorts, and museums to draw inspiration from, this city should be your next stop for the holidays.

So get ready to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience In Fort Collins and don’t forget to tell everyone about it.

Happy Travels!