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26 Best & Fun Things To Do In Grand junction (Colorado)

Have you seen the largest flat-top mountain in the world? Home to more than 20 wineries, Grand Junction is referred to as Colorado’s wine country.

Asides that is referred to as Colorado’s wine country, Grand Junction is also the largest city in western Colorado.

Because of its location in Grand Valley, it is home to a variety of stunningly different landscapes, and Red wine varietals thrive in the environment because of the warm days and cool nights.

With a sizeable historic downtown district filled with shops, restaurants, and various outdoor activities, Grand Junction is sure to keep you busy.

Check out the Colorado National Monument and Grand Mesa, the largest flattop mountain covered with forests and alpine lakes.

With a lot of wineries and activities, Grand Junction sure provides a lot of things to do.

Things to do in Grand Junction

1. Museum of the West, Grand Junction

Museum of the West, Grand Junction

Museum of the West, Grand Junction

One of the first places to be in Grand Junction is the museum of the West, where you will get to experience the rich history of the area.

In fact, for a small town museum, they have done an excellent job of displaying the local history,

The area offers many activities, including traveling on a stagecoach and seeing an antique Anasazi cup and ladle.

To truly experience western Americana, study the Ute and Fremont rock art, look at the actual weapons that outlaws employed, attend a one-room school, and visit the Pastime saloon are all possible activities.

Furthermore, you will find a great collection if you like guns. The collection of guns here is impressive, including the sawed-off shotgun used by the guys “riding shotgun” on the stagecoach.

Don’t miss the Sterling T. Smith Education Tower for beautiful views of the area.

The Sterling T. Smith Education Tower provides a 360-degree view of the stunning landscape in the area.

The tower’s top displays include a functioning weather station and information about local geology, archaeology, and downtown historic preservation initiatives.

Additionally, the Loyd Files Research Library, housed on the second floor of the Museum of the West, provides visitors access to many historical, genealogical, and natural history resources.

In short, a thousand years of history can be experienced at the Museum of the West.

Address: 462 Ute Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

2. Western Colorado Botanical Gardens, Grand Junction

Western Colorado Botanical Gardens, Grand Junction

Western Colorado Botanical Gardens, Grand Junction

One place you can spend a few hours with nature in Grand Junction is the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens.

The Western Colorado Botanical Gardens / Butterfly House is a tropical haven with over 600 exotic tropical plants worldwide and a butterfly exhibit.

The 15-acre site has paved walkways, outdoor gardens, a butterfly house, a greenhouse, and demonstration spaces.

You can meander through a magnificent forest of ferns, ponds, and floral plants inside the butterfly house.

Additionally, hundreds of plants, including orchids and other vibrant tropical species, can be seen at the nearby greenhouse.

Take some time to yourself to observe the fish, look for local toads, turtles, or tree frogs, or watch a butterfly hatch from its cocoon.

The Rose, Herb, Native, Western Heritage, and Children’s secret Garden are among the outdoor gardens.

You will also find various amusing metal sculptures in the greenhouse.

Finally, while you are here, try not to allow the butterflies to land on your hands. The oil from your hands will clog the taste buds on the butterflies’ feet, hindering them from finding food.

Address: 641 Struthers Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

3. James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park

James M. Robb - Colorado River State Park

James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park

Open year-round, Colorado River State Park is just the right place to go for camping and outdoor activities.

James M. Robb, who had a significant role in the design of this magnificent outdoor recreation area, was honored with a name change for the Colorado River State Park in 2005.

In fact, this park’s camping provides a base from which to explore the huge Grand Junction region and everything it has to offer.

Over 35 miles along the Colorado River, James M. Robb-Colorado River State Park is divided into five unique and separate areas.

You can spend a few days exploring the park’s five unique areas—Island Acres, Corn Lake, Colorado River Wildlife Area, Connected Lakes, and Fruita—by camping in one of the many maintained campgrounds and participating in a wide range of outdoor activities.

There are 65 campsites in the park with different amenities to get you going.

A stunning backdrop is also provided by the canyon walls in the area, and you might get a glimpse of the Big Horn Sheep or wild horses.

In addition, cycling, bicycling, boating, camping, canoeing, fishing, horseback riding trails, and wildlife viewing are all available here

Although pets are allowed but they must be kept on a leash.

Address: 361 32 Rd, Clifton, CO 81520, United States 

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4. Grand Mesa, Grand Junction

Grand Mesa, Grand Junction

Grand Mesa, Grand Junction

Want to see what the world’s largest flat-topped mountain looks like? Then you should head to Grand Mesa.

A visit to Grand Mesa’s summit is a no-brainer. In fact, no matter the season, there is something to do on the Grand Mesa.

The Grand Mesa does not disappoint when it comes to activities like fantastic skiing and snowmobiling, hiking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, or simply taking a drive to take in the breathtaking view.

It is also a fisherman’s paradise, whether you go ice fishing in the winter or fish in one of the more than 200 lakes in the summer.

In addition, you will get stunning views both eastward into the lake district and westward.

At the top is a decent visitor center and a number of short, simple walks.

With a pleasant gift shop, spotless restrooms, and a tranquil lake close by, the Grand Mesa Visitors Center is a fantastic place to stop.

Before traveling, especially if camping, do your research and make a plan because it can get chilly even in the middle of summer.

Address: Grand Junction, United States

5. Whitewater Hill Vineyards

Whitewater Hill Vineyards

Whitewater Hill Vineyards

One of the best places to have a fantastic wine-tasting experience in Grand Junction is Whitewater hill vineyards.

Whitewater Hill Vines makes traditional varietal wines at their farm winery that overlooks the vineyards and the expansive Colorado River Grand Valley.

Although this is a small, family-run winery, you will have a good time here.

You will also find many grape varieties, many European provenances, and other cold hardy kinds in their vineyards.

This is a great place to spend some time tasting, relax with a glass outside, or simply pick up a bottle.

Their wines are delicious, and their tasting area is cozy and welcoming. In short, whitewater Hills has something to please every palate, whether you prefer whites or reds!

Address: 220 32 RD, Grand Junction, CO 81503, United States

6. Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company

Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company

Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company

Adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies will find this place exciting.

Two Colorado natives who adore Grand Junction and the Western Slope formed and run the Adrenaline Driven Adventure Company (ADAC).

With the best local trail knowledge, ADAC offers families a special adventure.

Rent a modern Polaris RZR or ATV with 2 or 4 seats for a 2-hour, 4-hour, or 8-hour excursion. Explore more than 500,000 acres of trails.

If thrilling roadsters are what you’re after, try out the Polaris Slingshot for hourly rentals.

Address: 750 1/4 Horizon Dr, Grand Junction, CO 81506, United States

7. Museums of Western Colorado, Cross Orchards Historic Site

Museums of Western Colorado, Cross Orchards Historic Site

Museums of Western Colorado, Cross Orchards Historic Site

Cross Orchards is a living history-style exhibit that recounts how the orchard business in the Grand Junction region grew.

The historic site also takes you back in time to experience early pioneer life in western Colorado.

Established in 1899, the Red Cross Land and Fruit Company had a sizable orchard until 1923. Cross Orchards is now recognized as a historic location by the National Register of Historic Sites and Places.

A renovated bunkhouse and kitchen, a fruit packing barn, an on-site orchard, and displays of farm machinery, trucks, and rail stock are just a few of the exhibits.

Experience ancient structures, railroad cars, vintage machinery, and agricultural heritage as you stroll around the lovely grounds.

The barn’s packing floor alone is 2,400 square feet, and there is also space in the loading porch area, as well as a lovely lawn and gazebo.

Additionally, you can book spaces for events like weddings, family reunions, business meetings, parties, and other celebrations.

If you need fresh produce, you are in luck as farmer’s markets are held here regularly.

Address: 3073 F Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81504, United States

8. The Art Center, Grand Junction

The Art Center, Grand Junction

The Art Center, Grand Junction

One free, enjoyable thing to do in Grand Junction is to visit the art center.

The Art Center is regarded as the residence and gathering place for Western Slope artists and art enthusiasts.

The four galleries exhibit the diversity and skill of the Western Colorado community in addition to the work of prominent national artists.

Art Center offers year-round arts education programs for kids and adults of all ages and skill levels.

There is also an exhibition venue for students of all ages, local artists, and art guilds.

You will get to see exhibitions by nationally and internationally renowned artists with more than 25 diverse art exhibits annually.

Art Center is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm; closed on Sundays and some holidays, while Tuesdays offer free admission.

The best part is that, with an Art Center membership, you can visit hundreds of institutions for free nationwide

Address: 1803 N 7th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

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9. Bananas Fun Park

The Bananas Fun Park

The Bananas Fun Park

Bananas Fun Park is a wonderful, safe and clean place to have fun with family and friends.

Featuring intricate mini golf, bumper boats, an inflatable play area, and go-karts, the banana fun park is just the right place for you if you are in Grand Junction with kids.

The Park is also ideal for any child’s birthday party.

From batting cages to laser tag, our amusement park has it all.

there’s also an arcade and miniature golf available here.

Address: 2469 Riverside Pkwy, Grand Junction, CO 81505, United States

10. The Escape House Grand Junction

The Escape House Grand Junction

The Escape House Grand Junction

If you are not someone for outdoor adventure, then you should an indoor adventure.

The Escape House in Grand Junction is home to four distinctive escape rooms all under one roof.

Furthermore, each one of the rooms has been thoughtfully created to provide you and your team with an exciting and engaging escape room experience.

Choose from the Grand Illusion escape room to spend the day pretending to be a magician or the Lost Continent escape room to search for your missing eccentric aunt.

Test your ability to think critically by performing tasks and resolving riddles in imaginatively decorated chambers.

You have 60 minutes to track down hints, work out riddles, and get out.

Address: 605 Grand Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

11. Enstrom’s Candies, Grand Junction

Enstrom’s Candies, Grand Junction

Enstrom’s Candies, Grand Junction

Time to feed that sweet tooth. Enstrom Candies is where you can get one of the world’s best almond toffee as well as other delectable treats.

Existing for more than six decades, Enstrom candies was established by Chet Enstrom.

He started a new company to produce and sell his almond toffee. After successfully operating Enstrom Candies for five years, Chet handed the business to his son Emil.

Today, they produce over 50 distinct kinds of gourmet ice cream and constantly switch up 16 flavors in their dipping case.

There are also chocolate assortments, truffles, and the perennial favorite, toffee popcorn.

In addition to the treats, you will also find a wide variety of gifts, including chocolate that has been molded into objects like unicorns and high heels.

So, visit the store to get chocolates and the renowned Enstrom Toffee for gifts or for yourself.

Address: 701 Colorado Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

12. Kannah Creek Brewing Company, Grand Junction

Kannah Creek Brewing Company

The Kannah Creek Brewing Company

Kannah Creek is one of the most awesome places to grab a drink and food in Grand Junction. The Brewing Company‘s history dates back to the early 1990s.

Each of the company’s three pubs provides an excellent setting for relaxing with friends while enjoying great beer and delectable food.

The company takes pride in using the pure, untainted snow-melt waters of Kannah Creek to brew its beers.

In fact, it takes just the first bite to get a taste and feel of the amazing cuisine.

All three establishments provide a full menu of meals and snacks using locally sourced ingredients, all accompanied by delectable on-tap craft brews.

In addition, the original brewpub on 12th Street still makes excellent brick-oven pizzas.

Address: 1960 N 12th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

13. Lunch Loop Trailhead

Lunch Loop Trailhead, Grand Junction

Lunch Loop Trailhead, Grand Junction

Grand Junction’s premier singletrack biking location and locals’ favorite is the Lunch Loops Trail System.

The Lunch Loop Trail System includes a bike park in Grand Junction, between Monument Road and Little Park Road.

Although there are easy trails in the bike park, most of the trail network comprises “more difficult” to “very difficult” trails.

There are also two downhill mountain biking-only trails, Free Lunch and Pucker-Up.

This trail system will put experienced riders to the test with its difficult technical terrain.

Address: Monument Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81507, United States

14. Avalon Theater, Grand Junction

Avalon Theater, Grand Junction

Avalon Theater, Grand Junction

For the past 90 years, the historic Avalon Theatre in downtown Grand Junction has been serving the people of Grand Junction.

In fact, the theatre is one of the largest performing arts venues in Western Colorado.

Avalon was founded in 1923 by Walter Walker, a titan of the local publishing industry. Since then, it has maintained standards and undergone renovations.

With great acoustics, Avalon serves up first-run movies, independent productions, and foreign films frequently.

Asides from movies and foreign films, the theater also holds dance recitals, music and other concert events, and dramatic productions.

The enormous theater can accommodate over 1,000 guests and has an impressive layout that guarantees everyone has a magnificent view of the stage. You will also find the space intimate.

Address: 645 Main St, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

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15. Grand Junction Motor Speedway

Grand Junction Motor Speedway

Grand Junction Motor Speedway

Check out this place if you are up for a good time in Grand Junction.

Grand Junction Motor Speedway is a fantastic location for kart racing thanks to its lengthy straightaways, significant elevation change, and sweeping bends.

Furthermore, Grand Junction Motor Speedway is renowned throughout the state for being one of the best karting venues in the state.

Located close to Grand Junction Regional Airport, Grand Junction motor speedway provides go-kart rentals, racing clinics, team evaluation days, professional race management, and regular racing events.

You can time your visit from around mid-April until mid-October, as events take place during these periods.

Karts, race gear, motors, and a wide variety of parts and extras are also available for purchase in the pro shop.

Kart rentals are available for 10, 30, and 60-minute periods.

The speedway is open 09:00 am-06:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Address: 3002 N I 70 Frontage Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81504, United States

16. Bangs Canyon Trailhead (Mica Mine)

Bangs Canyon Trailhead (Mica Mine)

Bangs Canyon Trailhead (Mica Mine)

Located just 20 minutes from downtown Grand Junction, the Bangs Canyon Trailhead offers access to various trails and recreational options.

Locals love the Mica Mine route, which goes to a former mica and quartz mine.

Two immaculate canyon trails may be found in the Bangs Canyon Recreation Area. The initial short stretch of the path is shared by Mica Mine and Rough Canyon, but each trail is distinct and has something special to offer.

In fact, both novice hikers and experienced hikers can find something there.

Although both paths are great for novice and experienced hikers; however, Mica Mine is the less strenuous of the two primary paths.

The majority of the track at mica mine is broad and easy. You might occasionally have to hop across the brook in the spring when there is water.

Additionally, you can even view some lovely rock formations on both sides of the canyon,

Many people and kids of all ages enjoy the path because it is one of the most popular walks in the Grand Junction area.

Children love playing in the shallow waters of Ladder Creek, and adults appreciate the tranquility of the riparian setting in Ladder Canyon.

You can bring your dog, however, it must be kept on a leash at all times.

Address: Little Park Ct, Grand Junction, CO 81507, United States

17. Canyon View Park

Canyon View Park

Canyon View Park

Perhaps you want to go for a picnic in Grand Junction and just some outdoor fun and entertainment, then canyon view park is a great place.

Canyon View Park provides the ideal backdrop for various activities with views of the Monument, the Book Cliffs, and the Mesa.

The park has well-maintained trails that offer plenty of space for strolling or jogging.

It also has open fields for rocketry or flying sports kites, as well as ponds for model boat sailing. Baseball diamonds and soccer grounds are even available.

In addition to being a fantastic venue to spend some time, kids will also love it here because they will have a filled day. There is a unique playground for kids with lots of kid-friendly activities.

There is also an enclosed dog park with a little pond where the dogs can swim.

Address: 730 24 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81505, United States

18. Studt’s Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

Studt's Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

The Studt’s Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

Studt’s Pumpkin Patch and Corn Labyrinth is ideal for fall family fun and features a pumpkin patch, day and night mazes, and a haunted maze.

In fact, over the past 30 years, Studt’s First Pumpkin Patch has developed into a must-see fall destination in the Grand Junction region.

The Mesa County location of Studt’s offers a range of activities until the conclusion of their season on October 31.

Along with the traditional attractions like the actual pumpkin patch and corn maze, Studt’s also offers a petting zoo, two ziplines, corn cannons (yep, corn cannons), pig races, pony rides, and a lot more.

The kids can enjoy various fun activities, such as pumpkin jumping, a big slide, a “train ride,” a pony ride, a petting zoo, and much more.

Address: 21 1/2 Rd, Grand Junction, CO 81505, United States

19. Eureka! McConnell Science Museum

Eureka! McConnell Science Museum

Eureka! McConnell Science Museum

Formerly known as John McConnell Math and Science Center, Eureka McConnell Science Museum is a great educational experience for adults and kids.

With over 100 hands-on activities that illustrate a wide range of math and science ideas, this science museum is not the usual boring museum.

You will learn about everything from astronomy to zoology as you move from one to the next while having a great time.

There are also numerous live exhibitions available for viewing.

Furthermore, the Space Shuttle Simulator, Geometry Bubbles, and Colorful Shadows are some of the museum’s highlights.

The museum’s unique programs provide a safe and engaging setting for toddlers and pre-schoolers so that young brains can explore the amazing world around them.

With interactive exhibits in the fields of biology, physics, earth and space science, and electronics, you are sure to learn something here.

Address: 1400 N 7th St, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

20. The Winery Restaurant

The Winery Restaurant, Grand Junction

The Winery Restaurant, Grand Junction

Serving locals and tourists for more than four decades, the winery restaurant is an upscale restaurant nestled in a small alley on the east end of grand junctions downtown.

The Winery Restaurant has stood out among Grand Junction’s eateries, thanks to its great atmosphere and delectable foods.

In addition, the restaurant is housed in a 100-year-old structure that formerly served as a fire station for horses. This beautiful setting is elegantly framed by a gas lamp-illuminated, vine-covered alley.

The elegantly renovated structure is made of brickwork, Barnwood, and windows with floral stained glass.

As soon as you step in, the decor and the ambiance of this place just really start to set the mood.

A selection of exquisite dishes are hand-crafted utilizing the best ingredients available and served with a wine option from the lengthy wine list.

The menu includes a selection of steaks, chicken, seafood, vegetarian, and weekly specials.

The restaurant also boasts a skilled staff and a large number of regular customers.

Address: 642 Main St, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

21. Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area, Grand Junction

Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area, Grand Junction

Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area, Grand Junction

One of only three locations in the western United States designated for wild horse herds is the Little Bookcliffs Wild Horse Area.

Over 36,000 acres of untamed land, including craggy canyons, valleys, and plateaus, make up the Wild Horse Area.

The area is home to between 90 and 150 wild horses.

Vehicles, mountain bikers, horseback riders, and hikers are all welcome in the area.

All year long, you may explore the area on foot via a network of beautiful hiking trails, and for most of the year, a large portion of the territory is reachable by 4X4 and the early morning and late afternoon are the greatest times to see them.

Another choice is to ride a horse throughout the area.

Address: Grand Junction, United States

22. Tiara Rado Golf Course, Grand Junction

Tiara Rado Golf Course

Tiara Rado Golf Course

Are you a golfer? Then you should consider going to the Tiara Radio golf course.

Tiara Rado, which is surrounded to the west by the stunning Colorado National Monument, provides amazing views of the Bookcliffs to the north and the Grand Mesa.

With four different tee positions to pick from and numerous water hazards to avoid, including the short but obstinate moat hole, Tiara Rado is difficult for golfers of any skill level.

It also offers a full-service pro shop, golf automobiles, pull carts, instruction, rental clubs, and an 18-acre practice area.

Address: 2057 S Broadway, Grand Junction, CO 81507, United States

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23. Kiln Coffee Bar

Kiln coffee bar

Kiln Coffee Bar

The Kiln is one of the top places to go in downtown Grand Junction, whether you’re looking to grab a cup of coffee to go or catch up with a friend.

From the moment you walk in, you are hit with a spotless and serene atmosphere with a great coffee aroma.

Additionally, you can select any espresso beverage, choose between cow, soy, almond, coconut, or even oat milk as your bean and creamer.

The chairs are cozy, and it’s a nice environment to sit and work.

Address: 326 Main St, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

24. Redlands Mesa Golf Course

Redlands mesa golf course

Redlands mesa golf course

This is another golf course you should visit if you’re in Grand Junction.

This course was created by renowned golf architect Jim Engh. It has a U.S.GA rating of 71.7 and makes the most of the desert environment.

The Redlands Mesa Golf Course is located a few miles southwest of Grand Junction, among the foothills.

It also offers stunning views in all directions and ranks among the top 100 by Golf Digest.

The layout’s extensive fairways, numerous bunkers, and high tees will challenge golfers of all skill levels.

Furthermore, there is a practice area, and local PGA professionals provide both private and group lessons.

If you are famished, you can have a meal and a drink at the Ocotillo G J Restaurant and Bar before or after your round.

Address: 2325 W Ridges Blvd, Grand Junction, CO 81507, United States

25. Body Therapeutics Medical Massage

Body Therapeutics Medical Massage

Body Therapeutics Medical Massage

This therapeutic massage room is the location to go if you’re looking for a place to unwind and recharge.

Additionally, the massage therapies are excellent, with the massage therapists having more than 250 years of combined experience.

With their warm service, ambient lighting, soothing music, their essential oil aromas, they create a setting that is utterly tranquil.

They also provide a unique experience in the valley and a variety of therapeutic choices, including a chamomile-infused oxygen lounge, a float pool, salt therapy, and a luxury eucalyptus wood infrared sauna.

Address: 2500 Broadway, Grand Junction, CO 81503, United States

26. Two Rivers Winery & Chateau

Two Rivers Winery & Chateau

Two Rivers Winery & Chateau

Located in Grand Junction’s Redlands neighborhood, two rivers is a great place for wine tasting and lodging.

Chateau, a Wine Country Inn, provides elegant lodging and courteous hospitality for various events.

The architecture and furnishings of the inn were inspired by a French Country Chateau. From the hand-painted murals to the roomy sleeping areas with French furniture and opulent baths.

Discover something new by taking a tour of the location, or simply stop and take in the gorgeous scenery.

The winery is located only a few feet east of the Chateau on the same property.

Except for a few holidays, Two Rivers Winery’s tasting room is open every day of the week. It is open from Monday through Saturday from 10:30 to 5:00 and on Sunday from 12:00 to 5:00.

Address: 2087 Broadway, Grand Junction, CO 81507, United States

Final Remarks

From the Colorado National Monument to the Grand Mesa, Grand junction is sure to make your visit and activities worthwhile.

Don’t forget to visit the historic downtown district filled with shops, restaurants, and various outdoor activities.