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16 Best & Fun Things to Do in Wimberley (Texas)

Wimberley is a city in the Hays County of Texas, United States.

Known predominantly for its ranching areas and featuring a population of 2,839 as of 2020, Wimberley is a beautiful vacation spot that’s rich with history and bountiful of outdoor activities that are suitable for visitors of all ages.

Aside from its range of historical sites and outdoor activities, this city is also known for its various cultural activities and forested areas.

So, are you interested in what Wimberley has to offer?

Here are the best things you can do in the city.

Things To Do In Wimberley

1. Wimberley’s Devil Backbone Scenic Drive

Devil's Backbone Scenic Drive

The Devil’s Backbone Scenic Drive

During your trip to Wimberley, jump into your car and put on amazing music, and let pleasurable rolling hillsides pass you by.

A drive through Devils Backbone Scenic Drive is just about half 30 minutes but it’s so full of stunning plateaus, never-ending skies, and lush vegetation.

You’ll pass by some of the most formidable sights that this beautiful Texas Hill Country has to offer travelers.

Aside from the fact that this leisurely drive has the best of the most breathtaking views, the blissful hillsides and impressive ranches are in itself enough to make you feel like you’re viewing the scene of a classical movie.

Anytime you’re around this city, one of the top ways of enjoying your vacationing period is to come on board here, put your window down and allow the crisp breezes to fill your lungs!

The Devil’s Backbone isn’t just famous for its lovely sights, there are also a series of picnic tables where visitors could relax and take some little wine.

You’ll not be happier checking out this fun-filled Wimberley’s attraction!

Although, during winter, it’s a bit uneasy to drive around this region, nevertheless, the end result will be so worth it.

After all, whatever it’ll cost to enjoy nature’s vibrant light and best views isn’t too expensive to sacrifice!

Address: Devil’s Backbone Scenic Drive + Wimberley, TX, United States 

2. Wimberley Blue Hole Regional Park

Blue Hole Regional Park

Kate Storm / Blue Hole Regional Park

Wimberley is unarguably the home to several attractions and beautiful locations that represent Texas’s natural scenic beauty.

However, there is no better area that’ll give you the best experience of the beauty of Texas Hill than Blue Hole Regional Park!

From the shady tree paths that lead throughout the park to the gorgeous turquoise waters of Cypress Creek, this attraction is definitely a stunning natural world for every traveler.

Aside from the obvious fact that this scenic spot showcases Wimberley’s natural beauty with lots of cypress trees swaying over everywhere, this area is equally a great place for afternoon strolls.

In fact, there are several other plenties of ways to make the most of your time while in this awesome park. For instance, you can hike as much as you’ll like, swim or enjoy yourself in the picnic area.

It’s an amazing place that shouldn’t be excluded from anyone willing to enjoy the best while on a trip to Texas.

Interestingly, there’s also a kid play area and the admission fee is considerably low!

While adults pay $12, kids pay half of that & military men alongside senior citizens don’t have to pay a dim.

Address: Blue Hole Regional Park + Wimberley, TX, United States

3. Old Baldy At Wimberley

Old Baldy

Old Baldy

The magnetic fun and pleasurable activities available at Old Baldy contribute to its continual relevance among travelers and tourists alike.

Located at LaToya Circle, just about 2.5 miles away from the Square in Wimberley, this park is an amazing spot suitable for biking, biking, running, and jogging.

Besides, this 4.3-acre tract is a great place to exercise your legs by walking up the steep stairs and delight your eyes with the beautiful sight.

Take note that, although this attraction doesn’t require an admittance fee, nevertheless, parking is limited and there are no on-site restaurants.

Therefore, we suggest you come as early as you could and don’t hesitate to come with some snacks if you plan to stay for a longer period.

Remember, the human lifespan is too short, so life is meant to be enjoyed and not endured!

During your trip to Wimberley, you’ll never be short of what to enjoy in this pleasurable spot!

Address: Old Baldy + Wimberley, TX, United States

4. EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens

EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens

The EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens

Just as Oliver Wendell Homes rightly posited; “a mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

Of course, the beauty of every vacation is to have a delightful flashback and nice stories to tell.

EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens is a beautiful performing art studio that’s sure to leave you totally happy during your voyage to Wimberley.

This lovely studio entertains visitors through its series of performances that come up every day between 9:00 AM through 5:00 PM

It’s a 400-sitting capacity entertaining spot that was established on 1st of August 1, 1998, and ever since then, it hasn’t stopped offering fantastic performances with wonderful acoustics.

The seats are pleasing; the ambiance is welcoming and there’s a reasonable amount of space between the seats which is quite awesome.

Different from that, the entrance fee is so bearable and snacks are often given to visitors before the commencement of performances.

EmilyAnn Theatre & Gardens is overall a perfect attraction worth including in your itinerary list if you’re planning a vacation to this downtown!

Address: 1101 Ranch Rd 2325, Wimberley, TX 78676, United States

5. The Jack Glover’s Cowboy Museum

Jack Glover's Cowboy Museum in Wimberley

Jack Glover’s Cowboy Museum

Jack Glover’s Cowboy Museum was initially established in 1973 in the little village of Sunset, Texas, before it was eventually later relocated to Wimberley.

Get to know the fascinating story of Wimberley’s intriguing past with an afternoon stroll at Jack Glovers Cowboy Museum.

With lots of collections and displays to study, you’ll appreciate lots of interesting details available here.

Even if you’re sticking around Wimberley for a while, this museum is a good place to kick off your sightseeing.

Its collection of historical monuments is one of several attractions that would keep you on the hop.

They’ve done so well here to preserve the history of the state of Texas until the prehistoric Era, and you’ll surely find that so interesting.

In fact, the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Jack Glover’s Cowboy Museum are always ready to transport every visitor to the 1800 Era.

Bear in mind that the only thing that helps humans to grapple with and answers the complex questions and dilemmas of the past is the knowledge of history!

You’ll get to learn a lot here! Interestingly, there’s no entrance fee, it’s totally free!

Address: Wimberley, TX 78676, United States

6. Pitzer’s Fine Arts

Pitzer's Fine Arts

Pitzer’s Fine Arts

Since Wimberley has lots of interesting sites for history enthusiasts, so also admirers of Arts and lovers of creative structures are not left out!

Being a favorite destination to travelers since 1978, Pitzer’s Fine Arts have lots of beautiful structures that are sure to make your voyage to this city more interesting.

Being Wimberley’s largest art studio, this spot features a series of paintings, watercolors, and sculptures that are so appealing to visitors of all ages.

Accessibility to this spot isn’t however free. Notwithstanding, the $9 that’s payable as an admission fee by each visitor will be worth it. This is because, far beyond your expectations, you’ll leave with a total sense of adventure!

If you wish, could also get home some nice customized items here to beautify your interiors.

As long as you love enjoying yourself, anytime you’re on a trip here, we recommend you have a stop here.

You’ll never regret doing so!

Address: Pitzer’s Fine Arts + Wimberley, TX, United States

7. Wimberley Zipline Adventures

Wimberley Zipline Adventures

Zipline Adventures

Prepare for high-flying adventure as you harness up and glide through the air on the action-packed zipline adventure available at Wimberley Zipline Adventures.

It’s an attraction where you’ll enjoy a rush as you soar over creeks and canyons with magnificent 15-mile views of the Wimberley Valley.

Here, every adventure begins with trained guides leading every traveler on a walking tour.

The adventure continues as everyone on-site experiences Texas Country beauty like never seen before while ascending through a series of zipline crossings!

This adventure is sure to make every traveler’s zipping experience great with its panoramic views.

Although, it’s only an hour tree-top zipline adventure. Nevertheless, you’ll wish to stay longer than your schedule. This is because it’s super addictive!

You can also enjoy yourself splashing through the river or continue with the solo adventure. Everything is dependent on you, and none of your decisions will be wrong!

So, are you still wondering what other amazing things you can explore here?

Of course, there’s more! You can go on rafting or tubing!

The list of fantastic things in this spot isn’t limited! If you’re around Wimberley, endeavor to come on board to enjoy yourself!

Address: 376 Winn Valley Dr, Wimberley, TX 78676, United States

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8. Horseback Adventures Of Central Texas

Horseback Adventures of Central Texas

Horseback Adventures

If you’re seeking an adventure reminiscent of entertaining treasure, Horseback Adventures of Central Texas is an appropriate site for that.

Horseback Adventures of Central Texas is situated in Little Arkansas.

It’s a pleasurable destination that provides travelers with the opportunity to enjoy horseback riding while equally learning about the most fantastic history of this ranch.

Besides, this 200 square miles spot miles has a tranquil terrain and the horses appear so well-fed and not hostile.

Perhaps coming here might be your first time trying out horseback riding. That’s never an issue to worry about!

With experienced tour guides rightly available, every adventurous activity here is totally easy!

Although, the entrance fee seems so pricey. Meanwhile, the pleasurable moment will be worth more than any prize.

If you’d be willing to check out this outdoor attraction, be sure to come as soon as you could so as to beat up the crowd.

Address: 300 Little Arkansas Rd, Wimberley, TX 78676, United States 

9. Wimberley Hill Country Wine Shoppe & Wine Tasting Room

Hill Country Wine Shoppe & Wine Tasting Room

Hill Country Wine Shoppe & Wine Tasting Room

Hill Country Wine Shoppe & Wine Tasting Room is a little vineyard that has been serving quality local wines to inhabitants and visitors.

This location offers the best wines and equally features a great selection of fine cigars and light tapas.

If you’d be in Texas, it would be so meticulous of you to check out this spot.

You’ll enjoy some bottles of locally crafted wines – make some new friends or meet old ones!

In fact, you could also enjoy yourself relaxing on the patio with live music. And if not, you can just sit comfortably to enjoy the old blues!

It wouldn’t sound logical for you to be in Wimberley without visiting this spot.

After all, there’s nothing greater than enjoying every moment!

Address: 114 Wimberley Square UNIT B, Wimberley, TX 78676, United States 

10. Wimberley Shop The Tree House

Shop the Tree House

Shop the Tree House

Opening 11 am to 5 pm every day, Shop the Tree House Mall is a regional shopping center in Wimberley.

Not just a renowned shopping center, this site is a single-level complex with almost everything you may think of.

The food court is great, you can find great bread, cakes, ice cream, chocolate, snacks, and many more!

In fact, browsing through this well-mapped location is one of the simplest things you could ever imagine because everything is well-labeled and easy to navigate.

Despite its impressive attributes, gifts, food, and every other item here are so cheap beyond what anyone could ever imagine!

Agreeably, shopping is a pleasurable way of enjoying a holiday, especially if you’re confident of leaving with beautiful items.

When next you’d be at Wimberley, plan to spend two hours or more exploring through Shop the Tree House and it’s sure you would have beautiful memories afterward!

Address: 13615 Ranch Rd 12, Wimberley, TX 78676, United States

11. The Wimberley Players

The Wimberley Players

Wimberley Players

As Ilona Andrew’s accurately noted that “you might want to decide fast. We live in a dangerous world. If you see a chance to be happy, you have to fight for it, so later you have no regrets.”

If you’ve ever been on a vacation to Texas, then there’s no how you’d not have heard about the Wimberley Players.

But instead of just hearing of its awesomeness or glancing at it from afar, why not plan to check it out?

Obviously, there’d be no better decision than that!

The Wimberley Players is an award-winning performing arts theater in Wimberley. It was established in September 1979.

It’s a fun place that offers quality live entertainment through its series of performances, comedies, shows, and events.

The performances are always pleasurable; the sets are very well designed, and it’s sure every visitor will enjoy the intimate which makes everyone feel a part of the production.

Interestingly, the theater does offer some drink and snack options to buy at a considerate price at the concessions.

Note, this awesome spot opens Monday through Friday from 12 pm to 6 pm!

Address: 450 Old Kyle Rd, Wimberley, TX 78676, United States

12. Wimberley Electric Bike Rentals

Wimberley Electric Bike Rentals

Electric Bike Rentals

Best way to enjoy your moment while in Wimberley is to reserve a time and date for a Ranch Ride at Wimberley Electric Bike Rentals.

Wimberley Electric Bike Rentals makes riding a bicycle very enjoyable, and it’s a fun way to get around the downtown city of Texas.

This bike tour’s vision is to promote an advanced understanding of this area’s past through interactive bicycle tours at affordable prices for all.

Of a truth, the trick to having the best out of life is to enjoy it. It’s a wrong decision to defer the moment to enjoy life.

Except if you’re not ready for an adventurous trip and pleasurable moment, this is a must-visit if you’re in Wimberley!

Unlike any other bicycle tour in Texas, this awesome bicycle tour provides a fully charged electric bike exploration which is considered great.

Impressively, for as low as $12, your dream of enjoying a bike tour in a scenic environment is all possible with Wimberley Electric Bike Rentals!

Affordability is the mantra of operation here!

Address: Wimberley, TX 78676, United States

13. The Double J Ranch Golf Club

Double J Ranch Golf Club, Wimberley

Double J Ranch

Double J Ranch Golf Club is a fantasy that comes to reality for any golf lover planning a voyage to Wimberley in Texas.

The miniature golf facility on this site is sure to resuscitate every golfer’s interest, irrespective of skill level.

This golfing attraction provides 18 holes golf course with a beautiful layout and a well-maned lawn.

Aside from the fact that the golf course here is quite fun, it’s also suited to multiple-level handicappers.

In fact, the fairways are very playable and the greens are well maintained with very few bare spots in the first to two cuts.

Do note that it does get a bit narrow at some points, and uneasy to hit the ball to the fairways. But then, that’s never any drawback because it just adds to the fun experience this area is known for.

While you may be on site here, it’s possible your little ones are on travel with you as well, that’s pretty good!

There’s a little playarea that has something entertaining for them.

With absolute certainty, this golf house is overall a fantastic spot worth visiting if you’re in Wimberley.

Address: 1 Pro Ln, Wimberley, TX 78676, United States

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14. Cypress Creek Nature Preserve

Cypress Creek Nature Preserve, Wimberley

Creek Nature Preserve

There are about 7.24 acres of land at the Cypress Creek Nature Preserve, which has turned into a protected preserve and nature trail.

If you’re here, you’ll experience the serenity and beauty of nature as you walk down the trail while exploring the lush green that surrounds the creek.

Flanked by awesome towering trees and some little shrubs, this wonderful place house several local wildlife with lots of picnic tables and a pavilion.

Besides, after exploring these beautiful nature trails, you can take advantage of the little Game Room where you’ll have unrestricted access to play billiards or table tennis.

There’s also a cool coffee shop here that offers blueberry scones and if you’re a plant enthusiast, it would be great if you endeavor to stop by Ceremony Botanical Studio! You won’t be disappointed!

No doubt, even in the scum of the realities of life, there’s always something delightful about nature!

Address: 107 Old Kyle Rd, Wimberley, TX 78676, United States

15. Teddy Baskets

Teddy Baskets, Wimberley

The Teddy Baskets

Located at Ranch Road in Wimberley, Teddy Baskets seeks to be part of each and every visitor’s gifts with a personalized vacation experience.

The mantra of its establishment here is “making Wimberley worthwhile for everyone” which is evident over its decades of existence.

Regardless of the season, you’re on visitation to Wimberley; if you’d love to create a custom gift basket for yourself, it’s advisable you check out this local shop!

You may choose from a wide and amazing variety of candy, food items, stuffed animals, spa products, including Teddy Bears, and natural, eco-friendly cleaning products.

Although some studies have demonstrated that wealthier people tend to be happier. nevertheless, prioritizing wealth over something that’s sure to give you a memorable experience can actually have the opposite effect.

Therefore, however busy your schedule might appear, this isn’t an attraction worth leaving out from your list of to-dos anytime you’re around Texas.

Certainly, the joy isn’t to spend years like the biblical Methuselah. The most paramount thing is to spend years that are filled with memorable moments!

Address: Ranch Road 12, Wimberley, TX 78676, United States

16. The Wimberley Valley Museum

Wimberley Valley Museum

Wimberley Valley Museum

The Wimberley Valley Museum is another tourist center that’s located in the historic Winters-Wimberley House.

There are overwhelming exhibits in this beautiful museum that illustrate the different cultures and people that inhabited this city hundreds of years ago.

In addition, other intriguing exhibits in this delightful spot include works of Buck Winn. Also, there are several pictures, storyboards, and antiques here.

It’s not so surprising this amazing place has been a favorite stop for several travelers since when it was established in 2018.

Just as George Orwell said, “the most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

Definitely, this museum is a must to checkout for all history enthusiasts!

There’s absolutely no drawback, admission is free and parking lots are plentiful!

Address: 14068 RR-12, Wimberley, TX 78676, United States

Final Remarks

Now that you’ve seen the plentiful attraction that Wimberley has, delaying your vacation here?

There shouldn’t be anything! Whether you’re a history lover or an outdoor adventurer, this city has a bit of something fun for everyone.

Meanwhile, do ensure to update your travel plans with the recommendation.